MisTy's Talking New York / New Yorkで見つけた英語

New Yorkの街を歩いて教材として使える英語を探し、同時に異文化や社会問題を考えています。

What do you want to be when you grow up? 大きくなったら何になりたい?と聞ける大きな意味。

たまたま、昨日テレビを見ていたら、路線バスの運転手さんの数が減っているというニュースをやっていました。昔は子供に、"What do you want to be when you grow up?"「大きくなったら何になりたい?」という質問をしたら、かなり上位に「バスの運転手」が入っていたということです。こういう質問ができること自体、普通にできない国があるんですね。


Rosine    Age  13   Democratic Republic of Congo  ロジーヌ 13歳 コンゴ共和国
Vision: future surgeon      将来の夢:外科医

“A while ago there was a woman in my neighborhood that had to have a c-section. I wanted to be able to help her and other woman like her. It was at that moment I decided I was going to become a surgeon. In this image, I look back on my journey here and remember that I once doubted and feared that I would never achieve my goals- but I grew to understand I can be who I want to be.”



Gladys Age 11 Cote D'ivoire    グラディス 11歳  コートジボワール
Vision : future mechanic     将来の夢:自動車工

“I think a mechanic’s job is really interesting because you get to understand how complex cars and trucks actually work. In Cote D’lvoire it is not often that you find a female mechanic, but I never let that prevent me from achieving my goal. Now that I am a mechanic, people from all over come to have me fix their vehicles, because they know I am the most knowledgeable. I like that I can take care of myself and help others.”



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