MisTy's Talking New York / New Yorkで見つけた英語

New Yorkの街を歩いて教材として使える英語を探し、同時に異文化や社会問題を考えています。

New Yorkのスーパーマーケットから平和を叫ぶ。「大きくなったら何になりたい?」の意味。


そして、「Talking New York---ニューヨークで見つけた英語」のネタ探しをしていただけなんです。このポスターに出会う前は。。。


What do you want to be when you grow up?

For many of us, it’s the first question we remember hearing. Yet in many parts of the world, girls reach adulthood without ever being asked about their dreams and ambitions. Imagine, for a moment, that you are one of these girls. Instead of pursuing your education and interests, you are expected to work day and night to support the needs of your family. You face immense risks, living under the threat of early marriage and violence. 


You experience harassment and abuse when you step outside, and are often isolated inside your home. You watch your brother’s opportunities expand, as yours steadily shrink. The challenges you face make it difficult to recognize your own value and untapped potential. 


Fighting for survival and fighting for a future.

Through Vision Not Victim the Internatinal Rescue Committee partnered with girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Cote d'Ivoire, eliciting their ideas about what they each wanted to achieve with their lives through group discussions, skill building, mentorships, and creative activities. Each girl then directed and started in a photo shoot, describing and posing as her future self-achieving a goal. 


These photographs provide a visual call to action. Please and progress in any part of the world is dependent on investing in the growth of leaders, like the remarkable girls profiled here, who have ideas,potential and power that can drive change.


このメッセージにつづいて、寄附ができるサイトの紹介と共に、Meredith Hutchison氏による写真が掲げられています。その写真には子供たちの夢がかかれていました。


小論文や、面接に役立てば嬉しいです。→ "TheHours"---What's going on out there?



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